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Proven in the classroom...

GYMB4 works!

In use by schools across the U.S., GYMB4 is the ONLY in-classroom video series designed to get kids moving quickly & efficiently, so they can get much-needed exercise during the small slivers of time that otherwise would be wasted. It's also great for daycare centers, after-school care and busy parents who want to help their kids "Get the Wigglies Out"™.

GYMB4. For the classroom, living room, daycare...anywhere!

an imageWelcome to GYMB4!

Here is your opportunity to fight childhood obesity while improving your child's academic performance.

GYMB4 is a comprehensive set of videos contains enough workouts to keep your children moving the entire year!

  • Lil' GYMBYS! For Pre-K through 1st.
  • GYMB4 Kids! For 1st through 5th.
  • GYMB4 Turbo! With 2X the aerobic content!
  • StretchBreaks™ - 2-minute fun resets for children between activities
GYMB4 is the perfect way to get kids moving and exercised when you don't have a whole lot of time. The 5 and 10-minute workouts really, really work them out! And when they're done, they're more relaxed, focused and ready to learn.